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Safaladi - Director of HLS

I have lead Hordeland Security since the first tier of Cataclysm.  As someone who loves being a team leader, and spent many years as a leader in the workforce, my goal is to recruit friendly players that love a team-oreiented atmosphere that balances competive gameplay without sacrificing family/real-life obligations.  As a father of two, and having work shifts that fluctuate into raid time, or make me trade sleep for gameplay, I can fully understand the need for a raider to take breaks based on their real-life needs.  I, with my team, have achieved AoTC for over a decade without punishing players that need breaks, and I encourage them for players that are burned out - the raid is more fun when players are enjoying the raid tier.

Ele Shaman

Elemente - Raid Leader

Elemente brings fun and friendliness to the raid while keeping the tone lighthearted.  he likes to joke, quote memes, and generally bring up the raid team even on a night of progression.  Elemente spends a lot of free time pugging raids to get exposure to the raid and to see other strategies that work.  As someone that has been raiding with HLS since BFA, and raiding for several expansions before, Elemente brings his raid experience and knowledge to every raid.

Holy Priest

Interx - Raid Coordinator

Inter also brings friendly bantor to the raid environment and cheers on the raid team by assiting with call outs and ensuring to complilent the team in the raid when executing mechanics well.  This encouragement follows up on our commitment to keeping a friendly environment and he helps to bring raid awaremenss by assisting with important raid calls with Elemente.

Preservation Evoker


Raid Analyzer and Healing Coordinator

Sedge is a numbers person, analyzing warcraftlogs as needed to help bring the computational input needed at times to overcome obstacles.  He calls out healing and utility cooldowns in the raid and also will call out important needs (health potions, throughput cooldowns.

Raid Tanks

Protection PaladinRet paaldin 


Blood Elf Protection Paladin
Protection Paladin


Dwarf Protection Paladin
Guardian Druid 


Tauren Guardian Druid

Raid Healers

Resto Shaman 


Pandaren Shaman
Holy Paladin 


Zandalari Troll
Resto Druid 


Zandalari Troll


Ret Paaldin 


Joining HLS at the end of WotLK in ICC, Shimewza was our solo Holy Paladin back in the day.  Over the years he moved over to Retribution DPS and enjoys Rated PVP, Raiding and Mythic +.  Long-time member, friendly team player.

Tauren Paladin
Frost Dk 


Kraggk is a prime example of how flexible of a raid team we are.  Kraggk has a job that requires him to miss most Thursday raids, and also some Tuesdays, but he's been with us since Legion - raiding and running Mythic +.

Zandalari Death Knight
Enhance Shaman 


Blitz joined us back in Draenor, and raids on and off based on free time between school and his residency. Blitz loves to run Mythic + in his down time, and raids when he can.

Zandalari Troll Shaman
Balance DruidRestro Druid 


Zaldalari Troll Druid
Arms Warrior 


Lamnidae joined in BFA as a hunter and goes by the tag Toxi to most (his hunters short name).  Toxi runs Mythic + from time to time, and enjoy playing his alts.  He swapped to his warrior to provide some utility to our raid team and hasn't looked back.

Zandalari Troll Arms Warrior


Orc Hunter


Troll Rogue
Ret Paladin 


Blood Elf Paladin
Shadow Priest 


Undead Shadow Priest
Frost Mage 



Goblin Fire Mage
Havoc DH 


Blood Elf Demon Hunter

Social Members



Tauren Druid
Auction House expert and PVPer, Ishone raided from BC-Shadlwolands.  Now she enjoys the game from a casual standpoint, doing random BGS.


Joey joined us in for season 4 of Shadowladns, and runs mythic + throughout the week on several characters. Blood Elf Havoc Demon Hunter