How to Join the Guild!

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How to Join the Guild!

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About us:
Hordeland Security is a guild that started at launch. Over our World of Warcraft history, we raided on Blackhand, Baelgun, and now Turalyon. We are a semi-hardcore 20-25-man raiding guild. Our goal is to finish Heroic mode before the next tier and then dabble into Mythic content; all while having a weekly raid time of less than 5 hours a week. We are a fun group of mature adults, but we take raiding seriously. Members are expected to know when to goof around and when it's time to be serious.

Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, 20:00- 22:15 CDT. (If you can show up 10-15 minutes early that would be great.)
We understand that no one has an unlimited amount of time to play. We hold ourselves accountable when utilizing the time we invest. We only expect the same level of commitment in return.

Applicant requirements:
  • Be excellent to one another. We emphasize bringing the player, not the class - it’s our recipe for success these past 9 years.
  • Maturity.
  • Raid awareness.
  • Ability to listen and respond on Discord.
  • Ability to respond positively to constructive criticism - own up to mistakes.
  • Dedication and reliability. Show up consistently and on time.
  • History of performance, either through logs, references, or general raiding experience.
  • Stable internet connection and a computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently.
  • Willingness to contribute actively. This entails reading up on boss mechanics ahead of time and researching class-specific tips for upcoming fights.
What we can offer:
  • Competitive progression while having a light raid schedule.
  • Dedicated roster of close-knit players that show up prepared and ready to progress.
  • All raid consumables - flasks, potions, enchants, gems and buff food - are covered and we expect raiders to maximize the use of these tools. We have a stipend for guild repairs from the guild bank.
Currently Recruiting:
  • All DPS classes
  • Ranged or Melee DPS with an alternate heal spec
  • We are always accepting great players, regardless, so if you do not see your role posted, please do not hesitate to apply.
Current raid progression:
  • Image

Application process:
  • We use Discord for all of our recruitment needs. Please join our Discord Server and use the #recruit_application tab.
  • If we like what we see and hear, we will you bring you in for a 1-4 week trial period. It is up to you to wow us at this point both ingame and in communication.